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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file which is placed on your computer or other IT-equipment and which makes it possible to anonymously record what actions users make on the site. Cookies often also ensure optimal functionality and many functions cannot be provided without the use of cookies.

Cookies are used by the majority of all sites.

Nilfisk uses cookies to optimise your visit to this website when browsing. Nilfisk uses third party cookies from Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to generate statistics on the use of the website and from to recognise IT-equipment and to track how often you visit the website.

You will remain anonymous as cookies cannot be used to identify users. Nilfisk does not disclose the gathered information to third parties.

How do I delete or block cookies?

If you no longer wish to consent to the use of cookies they can be disabled by changing your browser settings and deleting the cookies that are already on your PC. Note, however, that there may be web pages or features you will then be unable to see or use. Visit the links below if you wish to change your browser settings.

Changing browser settings:


If your browser is not listed above, we suggest that you either look in your browser's help setting or search for "cookies" together with your browser name on the net. You may revoke your consent at any time.

Further information

Please contact Nilfisk if you have any additional questions about cookies on this website.